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Ok, I really like creatures, and I tried installing it on my laptop, which has Vista. Of coarse, it did not work, so I did the next best thing. I downloaded the microsoft 2007 virtual pc, from this link.[1] I installed windows 98, and then installed creatures 2 on the virtual pc. It worked, but then when I installed the free updates from the creatures site, such as the updated object injector and the others it stopped working. The startup screen would appear, disappear, and the the whole virtual pc would stop working and I would have to restart it, or it would not even show the startup screen, and just stop working. I uninstalled it and all of the updates, reinstalled it without the updates, and now it won't even work without them!File:Creatures error.jpg This image shows what it says, and I've tried restarting 3 times now. Most of the reason for posting this here is because I need help, but I'm also hoping the virtual pc will be a way for all to enjoy creatures on vista.