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Forum:Creatures 2 Deluxe on Windows 7?

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This is kind of a shot in the blue... I was just wondering if anyone knew of how to get Creatures 2 Deluxe to work on a Windows 7 PC or if its even possible... I just dug the CD out of the dust pile of old CDs I have and this was a really fun game when I was younger that I thought I might try to install and get it running before I passed it onto the garbage bin to take care of. So here is where I'm at:

I have the program fully installed but I get an error saying "failed to update system registry. Please try using REGEDIT" after getting the opening title box and a compatibility warning pop up which claims a restart will probably fix (it doesn't fix the registry problem by the way...kind of a silly recommendation if you ask me).

Back to registry errors: I have used REGEDIT before in attempts to fix some other registry errors but don't know it well enough to know what edits I need to make to get creatures 2 running... I know with the increase of new technology this isn't possible sometimes so simply a no it won't work answer I can see as valid.

Thanks for any help!!!

If it wasn't able to access the registry, were you logged in as an admin level user when you installed the game? - Don 13:31, August 8, 2011 (UTC)