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Ok, so I have been cruising around the breeds sections of the wiki. I really like how it's divided up by species on the homepage. However when you go in to, say the Norn Breeds section. It makes no mention of Genetic Breeds. (Which I had to go looking for that list.) But, when you go into, say the C3/DS Norn Breeds section from there you have mostly "full" or "pure" breeds with the occasional genetic breed. I didn't want to start changing things around and possibly do something wrong. I feel that the Genetic Breeds list should be right along side the others for easy access. Also removing/moving the stray Genetic Breeds off the regular C3/DS lists along with the other games too. (I use C3/DS as an example.) If I am off my rocker, please say so. I also hope I stuck this in the right part of the wiki forum, and I tried to link to the right pages but it didn't work for all of them. Silvak 04:08, May 31, 2010 (UTC)