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I have maintained Bibbleworld in it's various forms for 13 years... if ignoring it for years at a time can be considered maintaining it. Anyways, I am in the process of backing up the site for a "just in case" scenario, and I will be putting all the downloads into large packs, one zip for each game. Also it should be said that not all of the downloads actually made it to my download page... so if you like some of the older games, there may be some surprises in these packs. Or maybe just junk.

If anyone wants to host these, they will be available for download. Most of the files should have the author's name in the title, although some don't.

As far as the script reservation pages go, I don't know if anyone still uses them, but if one of the bigger sites out there would like to host that as well, post here, and I will send the person the related information.

The site will continue to be up through April 10, 2010, but after that, it will be gone.

I will update here as promised downloads become available. 16:44, December 3, 2009 (UTC) Bibble of bibbleworld.com

I'm sure several of us would be very happy to mirror downloads in places. The script reservation pages can always be hosted somewhere under ccdevnet.org if necessary, too. - Fuzzie 17:17, December 3, 2009 (UTC)

I have updated my site http://www.bibbleworld.com with download links to some zipped files (they are large). Basically, these files are the contents of my site's download folders.

As far as the script reservations went, about the time I lost interest... 4 or 5 years ago... there were a few different script reservation sites that contradicted each other. I have not looked at any of these in a long time. :)

As I will probably not be viewing this page either often, if anyone needs to contact me regarding anything related to my site, please use bibbleworld-NOSPAM-@gmail.com removing the "-"'s and the word between them. 20:55, December 3, 2009 (UTC) Bibble of bibbleworld.com