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Hi all, it's me again. :)

I want to make some wolfling runs and analyze the results with excel. Is there any way to automatically read out some things from DS? What I need is:

  • Name of mother
  • Name of father
  • Birth date
  • Number of minutes until reaching adulthood
  • Children

I can program a little, so reading out the data from some files should not be a problem. But I can't find where it is stored... :( Thanks for any help!

--Shir Khan 20:53, 18 September 2007 (UTC)

Hi. This is DLM, the Creatures wiki forums caretaker. If you are making a utility for creatures, I wish you good luck. I think the data for that stuff is somewhere scrambled inside ... well, whereever the norn is. Try looking at export files? -Dlm

It must also stand in the genomefiles.....genetics lab can read the adults genfiles names out....but just ....that..... good luck -ben


You'll probably want to do it using CAOS, the Creatures scripting language - specifically, the HIST set of commands, for DS. Once you're reading the data using the scripting, you can write a CSV file out to the journal directory using the FILE commands and OUTV/OUTS, and you can then import that into Excel. Fuzzie 21:46, 20 September 2007 (UTC)

Reading Sprite Files[edit]

Hi, I'm back. :)

My program can by now do quite some fancy things. I'm having problems reading out the sprite files used by a creature, though. The FACE-command works perfectly well, but I'd like to also know the sprites used for body, arms, legs and tail. I've been trying

setv va02 hist gnus va00

setv va03 hist gend va00

setv va04 hist vari va00

sets va11 limb 0 va02 va03 4 va04

sets va12 limb 1 va02 va03 4 va04

sets va13 limb 8 va02 va03 4 va04

sets va14 limb 2 va02 va03 4 va04

sets va15 limb 13 va02 va03 4 va04

for reading head (0), body (1), left humerus (8), left thigh (2) and tail tip (13), but don't get the results I want. The head for example gives different results than

sets va11 face


Anyone who knows what to do? kR --Shir Khan 20:48, 28 March 2008 (UTC)