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Hi all!

I'm new to DS (I used to play C1 until now), but I think I just bred a quite interesting individual, so I wanted to ask if this is common or not. When he (his name is Seelenstein) first met the others, everyone started saying "<own name> likes Seelenstein". That's where the subject title comes from. Also later in his life when he met new individuals they seemed to spontaneously like him.

Also, he's much more interested in his environment and generally seems to have more acute feelings than the other norns. There was a phase while growing up when he had some kind of panic attacks and started running away for no particular reason. (I'm playing in DS only at the moment, so I think there shouldn't be any real dangers around.) Also, he was the first of my population to express real anger. He often can't keep his attention to one object, usually the green arrow is incessantly jumping around. One more thing that I monitored was that he often eats without being hungry.

Soooo... Are my other norns just duller than average, or is it Seelenstein that is different from the average norn?

--Shir Khan 09:02, 3 September 2007 (UTC)

Hi. This is Drlupinmario, The community bum.

Your norn is special.Me? Ive been playing creatures for about a year now (And yeah I call myself a creatures fan, How many of YOU have actually played it recently?) and I have never really noticed that many unique norns with their own personalitys. The eating without being hungry is natural.

Just wow. -Drlupinmario

Hi Shir Kahn.

DrLupinMario is right; norns will eat even if they aren't hungry. And most norns tend to like each other, even if they've never met before. I'm not sure what causes them to express this, though, but once a member of a group of norns in my world announces their "like" for another norn, I can't get them to shut up for a good five minutes or so. :P

"There was a phase while growing up when he had some kind of panic attacks and started running away for no particular reason."
If I had to guess, he might have a mutation where the presence of a particular object increases his fear drive (i.e., seeing a piece of fruit gives him fear). I don't think it's a common mutation, but it's possible. That might also explain the angry look he flashed: the fear building up in him might have increased his anger as well. So, perhaps he is unique after all. :)

Officer 1BDI 18:00, 4 September 2007 (UTC)

I know I'm reviving a topic, but have you considered putting this norn up on some sort of adoption site? This norn sounds awsh.

KC11 4:30 PM, 3 January2008