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Fluffy Norn

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The Fluffy Norns are a Creatures 2 breed made as a present for Mummy by Alien, with moral support from Tafgana and original design by Tica. They were designed to match Fluffy, the Mummy's Creatures site mascot:

Fluffy Norn female
Fluffy Norn male

In 2003 Mummy received her mascot "Fluffy", made by Tica, a blue and white Norn girl with fluffy hair and two coloured eyes. In 2005 I created the Fluffy Norn sprites to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Mummy's website. At that time only the female adult norn sprites existed. Four months later the Fluffy Norns are finished.

The females are mostly a deep blue, with very light blue hair and white highlights (as well as one white eartip). The male norns come in two versions - one that changes colour from blue and read as a baby, red and green as a youth, and yellow and aqua as an adult, and one that just has the adult colours. They are amphibious.

The Fluffy Norns occupy Geat slot C, and can be downloaded as an installer from the page above, or as separate files with more details from Alien's Creatures World (better for Creatures - The Albian Years, unless you have the Creatures Remastered Patch).