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Floating Lemon Vendor

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It floats, it vends!

The Floating Lemon Vendor is a vendor made for Docking Station by SnowFox. It was once available at Dragon Keep Creatures.

This vendor vends lemons...Simple enough. But it floats, so you can put it somewhere creatures can't reach, and control the release of the lemons (and avoid the squishy lemon carpeting that occurs when creatures get in a vendor pushing frenzy).

Most of the script is the normal lemon script, but I've tweaked a couple of things. Once the lemons rot, they stay there longer, and the detritus can be picked up and eaten by creatures. The detritus also makes an interesting squishy noise when dropped. ^_^

The current version is DS only because the lemon sprites are called from the lemon pod file in DS. When I have time I'll try to put the lemon sprites in the same file as the vendor.

Sprites by me, and I don't like them. I may change them when I have time. And I know the propeller is going the wrong way. ;P

This agent has not been tested with OS X Creatures