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Flib Dat!

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This page is about the website - for the person, see flib_dat.

Flib Dat!
Flib Dat!
Webmaster Amy Luther
URL 1 www.verminary.com/creatures [Archive]
URL 2 www14.brinkster.com/mockery/creatures [Archive]
URL 3 www.crosswinds.net/~giriama/creatures/ [Unarchived]
Established Before September 2000
Closed 17 January 2002 (last update)

Flib Dat! was, as the homepage proclaimed, a site with "stuff for Creatures 2". Lots of stuff!


The site moved on 1 November 2000 from Crosswinds to Brinkster. An archive was later started on Amy's own site, verminary.com, presumably around January 2002.

Wolfling Runs[edit]

Bad Albia[edit]

The Bad Albia wolfling run featured an intentionally hostile world. An archive of the first run in the Bad Albia world is available.

Savage Albia[edit]

Savage Albia was a planned wolfling run world with a primitive theme: all technological items, including the teleporters, lifts, computers and vendors, would be removed or disabled, and new animals and plants would be added.


All downloads are for C2.




Interesting Facts[edit]