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Fixing errors in Agent making (C3/DS)

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Injection issues[edit]

Can't find injected agent[edit]

This could be because while you injected the file, you didn't state where the agent should show up.

Put this in your installation script to put the injected agent in your inventory.

seta va00 targ
enum 1 2 11
spas targ va00
doif ov00 = 0 and clac = 0
mesg writ targ 0

Snippet of code by AquaShee, not me.

Be mindful of the placement of the script, put it before your scrp and after your variables for physics etc.

Agent art[edit]

Weird black pixels[edit]

If there seems to be odd black pixels on your injected agent, this is because you have mistakenly not used pure black (#000000). Only pure black shows up as transparent in the game.

CAOS Errors[edit]

The ? is a stand in for numbers that can vary depending on what value you set.

Error: Start transaction failed[edit]

Solution: You need to go to Caos.exe, right-click into a dropdown list, from that list select Properties, click on the 'Compatibility' tab. Tick 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:' and select 'Windows XP (Service Pack 2)'

Error: Tried to set BHVR ? when the agent doesn't have one of the appropriate scripts[edit]

Inject remove script. Inject both install and event scripts simultaneously.

Error: Couldn't install script ? ? ? ? into scriptorium (old script in use maybe?)[edit]

Remove injected script, and re-inject.

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