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Fire Agents

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The Fire Agents are a part of the Fire Norns pack by Tafgana. The agent sprites were made by different people, but most of the CAOS was written by Marcus K.. Apart from the normal function, most of these agents also increase the ambient temperature of the room.

  • Fire Ball - this ball is fun, but if it falls into the water, it disappears for a while
  • Fire Cheese Vendor - This agent is made by Mummy, it produce Fire Cheese
  • Feuerling - These are a little butterflies . . . on fire! The baby butterflies are really good for norns to eat.
  • Grill - perfect for a barbeque! And it's fun, too - more so for males than females, though, and more for Grendels than for Norns. (male more then female and grendels more then norns) Beware, though - it is dangerous for Grendels! As a result of fascination with burning things, some grendels never hit creatures, they only want to play with the grill . . .
  • Lavaball - This ball let all norns speak how near by it, if a Creatures pushes it
  • Lavaball 2 - This ball jumps up out of the ground when near norns, emits smoke and makes an explosion sound. But it is not dangerous - instead, it's fun!
  • Lavaball 3 - This ball looks like a egg, and can produce eggs - grendel eggs - but only if there are not enough grendels in your world, and only if it looks like a egg. If you press on it it transforms to a ball - press it again to switch it back to being an egg. While it looks like a ball, it increases the rate of growth of all eggs next to it, and give the eggs hot colors.
  • Lavaball 4 - If you press on this ball, a little red point appears over the lavaball - now the lavaball will transport all creatures near by the ball to the point! You can use this anywhere within your world.
  • Lava Cookies - this made Lava Cookies . . . sometime you can see a cookie an the screen from the vendor, then you must click fast on it and then bigger and better cookies comes out the vendor!

The Fire Agents can be downloaded from Aqualbia or from the Grendel Warehouse.

This agent has not been tested with OS X Creatures