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Boney Grendel

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Boney Grendel Pack
Boney Grendel

Created by Lis Morris for Creatures 2, this Grendel:

  • is more intelligent than the Bulbous Grendel - not susceptible to OHSS
  • is virtually immune to heavy metal poisoning caused by radioactivity in the volcano
  • can be longer-lived, given the right circumstances.
  • has the personality of a bully - it likes beating norns up but runs away if you give it a few slaps
  • can be made breedable
  • can dance (when appropriate)

Another name for the Boney Grendel was the Grenzel.

It has been converted for C1 by Slaiterbait. A C3/DS version of the Boney Grendels, made by Angelnorn, is available from Scribbles, using a standard grendel genome, however it has .ATT problems.

The original pair of Boney Grendels available were named Grendenile (F) and Figgle (M).

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