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Feral Farms

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Feral Farms
  • Addresses:
    • home.earthlink.net/~melanthab/frlfarms (archive)
    • members.aol.com/melanthab/frlfarms (old)
  • Webmaster: Melantha Bacchae
  • Staff/Contributors: Pymont
  • Ran from/to: 26 July 1998 - 7 May 1999 (last update)
  • Motto: A walk on the wild side of Creatures

Summary of Content[edit]

Much history and discussion of the topic of norn torture, as well as the Feral2 genome and lots of C1 and C2 adoptions.

C2 COBs[edit]

C3/DS versions of the above are available at Caisleáin Uaine.

C1 COBs[edit]

Also contains a rather amusing advert for Norn-Bru.

History of Website[edit]

Moved from AOL to Earthlink on 3 January 1999.