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Favorite Places

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Favorite Places, also sometimes called signposts, are the row of circular icons along the top of your window in Creatures 3 and Docking Station. These useful shortcuts are normally activated by visiting the area each one is linked to for the first time. Doing so causes a new Favorite Places icon to attach itself to your top row. Third party metarooms also often include their own Favorite Places icon, which can lead to quite a dilemma; the icons tend to extend off the screen or overlap. The currently active metaroom is shown with a glow within the matching icon; in the image below, Engineering is selected. The order of the Favorite Places Icons is dependent on the order in which the signposts which activate them are located.

Favorite Places Icons

Docking Station comes with four Favorite Places, while Creatures 3 has seven.

Docking Station Creatures 3


In terms of development, Docking Station created a new system of Favorite Places, the DS favourite places, which are more extensible by fan developers.

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