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Fast-aging Norns, Ettins, or Grendels simply age faster than normal, caused by a common mutation in the C3/DS creatures genome.

Most players dislike fast-agers, as these creatures are called, as in addition to their shortened lifespan, they tend to kiss-pop a lot and reproduce quickly. However, for this very reason, breed developers will often test their genomes by temporarily making them fast-agers to check for other defects before changing the aging gene back to normal for release.

If you have a tribe of unwanted fast-agers, you may wish to download the Norn of Infertility agent, which regularly injects the fast-ager and immortal norns with fertility decreasing chemicals. The Fast Ager Trap agent exports and labels norns that have aged too quickly. Norn of Knowing will simply mark fast-agers.

Some breeds are deliberately made to be fast-agers, such as the Drozzy Norns or Spring Norns.

Fast-aging is not to be confused with force-aging.