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Facial expression

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The various facial expressions, exhibited by a female ChiChi Norn.

Facial expression genes are used to determine what expressions creatures use when they feel certain drives, helping the player to read their creatures' needs. The facial expressions in Creatures 3 are described as 'hungry', 'scared', 'happy face', 'sleepy', 'tired', 'angry' and 'poorly' (in pain).

The weighting option seen in the gene controls which face is used when a creature has mixed feelings.

Mutations or other alterations to the facial expression genes can make it unclear what drives a creature is feeling. Some breeds may intentionally obfuscate a creature's needs by altering facial expressions: for example the Cry Norn genetic breed, which always has a sad expression.

The original genomes included in Creatures 3 did not change expressions properly. The Expressive Norns fix was later provided.