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Expressive Norns Fix

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The Expressive Norns Fix is an early Creatures 3 patch released by Creatures Labs because the original Civet, Bruin and Bengal Norns released with Creatures 3 had a genome which did not use all of the available facial expressions - resulting in norns that looked happy even when being beaten by grendels. This updates the genome so that a fuller range of facial expressions can be used by your norns. Their genomes have names such as "Norn.expressive.civet.47.gen". It is included with the Creatures 3 Update 2, and available as a standalone patch at AmberCreatures. It is included in later editions of the game, such as Creatures Exodus.

See also[edit]

  • Osiris Norn - a breed which used the full range of facial expressions before the official fix was released.

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