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Ettins of Minimordor

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The Eternal Ettins of Minimordor (EEoMs) are supposed to be immortal infertile servants to grendels or norns. Their purpose is shown by the prefixes and suffixes of their names and their color & tail. They have been created based on the standard ettin genome by the dark lord Minisauron.

Special Features[edit]


  • are amphibious.
  • are virtually immortal (although they still can be eaten up by piranhas, get blown out in space, etc.).
  • are completely infertile, since they lack reproductive organs and sex drive.
  • do not feel pain, fear or anger. As a result they are just happy most of the time.
  • do not play around much. They were created to serve.
  • EEoM that have the prefix "Tox" and a green color prefer to eat garbage.
  • EEoM that have the prefix "Nontox" and a blue color prefer to eat normal food.
    • Thus (on a small scale) they can be used to remove harmful food for nontoxic or toxic creatures. At least stealing food from their "masters" can be avoided.
  • EEoMs that have the suffix "gren" and a grendel tail, serve grendels.
  • EEoMs that have the suffix "nor" and a norn tail, serve norns.
    • "Serving" means that they should gather toys for their "masters" and activate vendors for them.

Of course they do not always do what they are supposed to do. The shee created the ettins to bring tea and cookies. Instead they just piled up gadgets...

Origin Story[edit]

The EEoMs are a by-product of the ancient time, when the Grendels of Minimordor did not feel like using vendors themselves for feeding. As a first prototype of the EEoMs, Weyoun was created to serve the GoMs. He is now the oldest being in Minimordor.