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Desert Terrarium

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Favorite places icon for the Desert Terrarium

The Desert Terrarium rivals the Jungle Terrarium in unfriendliness - but where the jungle destroys a creature with hazards, the Desert Terrarium merely starves them to death. Due to the high temperatures and lack of food sources, the desert's ecosystem is alarmingly small, consisting of only a few hardy critters. Naturally, the lack of rain and presence of a volcano make the environment very hot and dry. Only a very few plants, like the Cacbana cactus and Desert Grass, have adapted to the environment over time. However, Bramboo and Tubas grow quite well here. JayD created a Grape Vine agent, based on a C2 COB, to grow in this terrarium. Ghosthande released a pack of agents with her Dustdevil Grendels that alter the ecology of the Desert Terrarium significantly.

The above-ground first level of the Desert Terrarium, and the second level that houses the Ettin mother; also featured is the Uglee

The feature that may make the Desert Terrarium stand out from the rest is the unusually large presence of gadgets. Indeed, the terrarium is home to the industrious Ettin - due to their thieving nature, the ettins regularly tromp around the Shee Ark in search of gadgets to hoard to their home.

Like the Norn and Grendel Terrariums, it has a seed launcher that lets the player temporarily increase some of the native species' populations. The seed launcher injects its bounty underground by default, so the seeds do not sprout - JayD created an altered seed bank that injects the items on the ground level.

Flora and Fauna[edit]

Native Critters:

Native Plants:

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