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Ettin Beach

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Editnorn.png This article is about a project that was cancelled or put on extended hiatus.
Ettin Beach Favourite Place
Screenshot of Ettin Beach

The Ettin Beach metaroom for Creatures 3 and Docking Station is a work in progress to provide a nice place for your Ettins to vacation on. Or you could host a barbeque for your Grendels there and roast some ettins on a spit, perhaps with some Breaded Hatchling Norn as a starter. It's all good!

It has a land section, a salt water section, and a fresh water section.


  • Jennie: Background
  • Don: Mapping
  • Skelly: Project management and graphics
  • zareb: some GFx and CAOS
  • And the rest of the Ettin beach team.


Although Ettin Beach has been unofficially abandoned, the working alpha release is currently hosted at AmberCreatures. It can be used in the game, though walking aquatic creatures may get stuck on the steep floor on one side of the underwater section.