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Erin MacMillan is the co-founder and owner of one of the largest Creatures support websites in the Creatures Community, Norntropolis. She also began the Creatures Community Spirit Festivals. She is also a wiki user.

Arriving on the scene in 1999 with the creation of Norntropolis, Erin could first be seen lurking around the HomeCreatures forums and JRChat, going by the moniker 'RainbowNorn'. At first a temporary figure in the community, she returned after a long absence during the Winter of 2002 as 'Erin'. An invitation to become a moderator at Creatures Caves in the summer of 2003 ensured her status as a permanent member. Currently, Erin can be found at Creatures Caves, where she is a Manager of the forums and submissions, and at Albia 2000, where she is a moderator. She can often be seen dispensing advice about forum netiquette and helpful hints about Creatures to members of the community, new and old.

Outside of her position in the community, Erin is enrolled in the Bachelor of Design program at York University in Ontario. She hopes to use her degree to further her ambitions as a web and graphic designer, planning to locate herself near Toronto, or in the UK after graduation.