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Enhanced ChiChi Norn

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The Enhanced ChiChi Norns are a genetic breed made in 2007 by Daikaze and Ratboy with an egg agent by Silvak. Special points in their care is that they enjoy the use of teleporters and breed less than normal norns - the dev team recommends starting with at least 12 norns (6 of each gender) to ensure a successful second generation. Even more than this is recommended if running a large world.

The Enhanced ChiChi Norns have brain genetics that make them need other norns when young and avoid other norns in the adolescent years. They contain a hunger overwhelmsion organ, and a new catch-all organ for genes that don't need a completely new organ, including the ability to go up when drowning, to become afraid of death when they have low ATP or low energy. Older norns gain pain, crowdedness and have reduced loneliness over time, and have a weaker immune system and tire easily. Older norns will also have reduced breeding capacity. Most sick norns become crowded so they will leave the herd.

The Enhanced ChiChi Norns are available to download at EemFoo's Archive.

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