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Gender: Female
Docking Station ID: Embri
Docking Station #: 13+13670

Her hobbies include genetic engineering (virtual life-forms only!), website design, sketching, computer assisted design, FileMaker database design, tabletop miniatures gaming, video games and creative writing.

Her first Creatures game was C1, about nine and a half years ago. She purchased Kutoka's Exodus in November 2005. Gave up on learning CAOS, since her personal talents lie more in the grapic design department. Her tools of choice are Blender and Photoshop.


Embri as herself

Embri gets her name from a Pokémon of her own invention - a flaming unicorn with wings. Originally a quick sketch on the back of an old homework paper, Embri eventually emerged as her personal avatar and on-line persona. Embri was designed as the final evolution of an official Pokémon, Rapidash.

Embri spent most of her time picking at sprites while talking with other members of the openC2e/Lifandi team in #ccdevnet. She is now retired from the CC.


Unfinished Projects[edit]

Flaris Norn

CCSF Contributions:[edit]

  • Elmo Sprites
  • C1 Hot Air Balloon sprite retouch
  • Progress: Completed.