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Lifts (also known as elevators) can be found all across the various Creatures worlds. All Creatures games have a group of objects that take creatures up and down, frequently for hours on end. (C1 Norns in particular are noted for their fascination with lifts). Lifts are associated with a call buttons on each level. A lift can move when a creature or the Hand pushes either one of the call buttons or one of the movement buttons inside the lift.

In C1, lifts are a separate genus of objects. Pushing the lifts makes them go down, and pulling the lifts makes them go up. A C1 Elevator Fix is available for a problem where creatures sometimes get stuck in lifts when the lift stops moving.

Risen Angel has noted that in Creatures 3 and Docking Station, creatures tend to prefer doors to elevators in certain circumstances. One such circumstance is the link between Capillata and the Shee Ark, for which Vampess created an Umbilical Fix. Verm has created navi.cos, a development tool which predicts what creatures will prefer.

For information about making lift objects for C3/DS, see the basic lift script or the new lift script.

In the cancelled game, Creatures Online, lifts would have been replaced with ladders.

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