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Eem Foo's Archive

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Eem Foo's Archive
Webmaster Lacota
URL https://eem.foo
Established June 2020

Eem Foo's Archive is a central community archive of Creatures Community content headed by Lacota. It is named after Eem-Foo, the mascot of C12DS. It includes content for Creatures 1, Creatures 2, Creatures 3, Docking Station and Creatures Village. As of the end of its first year, it includes 200,000 assets, spanning 27 years. As of October 2021, Eem Foo's Archive has its own Discord server. In February 2022, the search function launched in a beta phase. In April 2022, the C1 and C3/DS breed lists were updated, and the first draft of the metaroom list was posted. In September 2022, Eemfoo.org began hosting a new warp created by 20kdc, which "does not require any significant install, and will work with all versions (even Steam and Linux!) of DS". During the beta phase, the Creatures Community was invited to join the Eemfoo Discord to faciliate bugtesting. In May 2023, the URL changed from eemfoo.org to eem.foo.


The search function allows you to search by game (with an option for C3 & DS together), and in a number of tags that are hand-applied by archivists at eem.foo.

Tags include:

  • Agent
  • Critical Update
  • Ettin
  • Food
  • Gadget
  • Genetic Breed
  • Grendel
  • Metaroom
  • Norn
  • Plant
  • Program Patch
  • Sprite Breed
  • Suggested
  • Toy
  • Aquatic
  • CCSF
  • Critter
  • Editor Program
  • External Program
  • File Replacement
  • Fruit
  • Garden Box
  • Geat
  • Magic Words
  • Medicine
  • Patch
  • Pest
  • Protective Tub List
  • Quirky Cookie Recipe
  • Removal Agent
  • Seed
  • Teleporter
  • Toxic
  • Vehicle
  • Vendor
  • Weed
  • World
  • World Enhancement
  • Art
  • Asset
  • Att
  • Background
  • Blueprint
  • Breeding Pair Export
  • Conversion
  • Creature Export
  • Decorative
  • Demo
  • Deprecated
  • Fiction
  • Genetics
  • Interface
  • Official Content
  • Pack
  • Script
  • Sound
  • Source Code
  • Sprites
  • Tutorial
  • Video