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Ecology Kit (C2)

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The Ecology Kit is an applet included with Creatures 2 which helps the player monitor the ecology of Albia. It has a flower for its icon. The Ecology Kit has complete maps of Albia and allows the player to view the temperature, wind speeds, and where organic nutrients and inorganic nutrients are, which can be helpful when deciding where to try to plant seeds. The maps only show areas in colour that the player has visited.

Did You Know? That you can add objects to monitor to the Ecology Kit? In the Creatures 2 directory folder, there is a folder called AppletData and a file called AgentShema.txt. (May also be AgentSchema.txt). This file can be changed by removing or adding entries. Each entry takes the form display_name|familyID|genusID|speciesID|. Source

See also[edit]

  • Ecology Kit - an agent for C3/DS which helps maintain the ecology of the Ark and Capillata.