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EMIT is a CAOS command that causes an object to smell. Most often used upon the creation of an object - however, if an object is initially invisible and inedible (like the apples are when growing), it may be included in the pick up script instead.


EMIT (command) ca_index (integer) amount (float)

Target now constantly emits an amount of a CA into the room it is in.


Example of using EMIT in the pickup script:

*This is the fruit pickup script
scrp 2 8 1000 4
*If it hasn't been picked up before
doif ov00 eq 0
*make it smell
emit 6 0.5
*tell the fruit it has been picked up
setv ov00 1
*end the not-picked-up doif
doif attr eq 67
attr 195
perm 60

See also[edit]

  • CACL - which causes creatures to mentally link the smell to an object type.
  • ALTR