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Dragon Nornior

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Dragon Nornior (also known as Project Erdrick) is an alternative world for Creatures 2 designed around the Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest role-playing game - and perhaps inspired by the fabled Secret Adventure Mode. It was created by jcarrcwalk with assistance from JayD and Brad Fermanich, and released on 1 April 1999. Unfortunately the initial release was on alt.binaries.games.creatures, which had limited distribution. The download was later available at jcarrcwalk's site, Close Encounters of the Creatures Kind, and is now available below.

For about 3 months I worked on a new world. When I was ready to release it on April 1, AOHell terminated our accout because they claimed we owed 200 dollars that we did not. Anyway Project Erdrick did not get the send off I wanted it to have, as it was only a binary on ABGC. But here it is now. It's a whole new way of playing Creatures2, lead your norns to victory over the ruthless enemy.


Many years ago in the land of Albiagard an evil monster and his minions caused chaos for the peaceful norns, ettins and grendels. The great Erdrick, a norn, drove the evil monster away from Albiagard. Now the monsters have returned. In a ferocious battle all the adult creatures were killed. Now it is up to the hand to guide the surviving creatures to victory against this ferocious foe.

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