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Dragoler is a British Creatures player and gengineer. She started playing Creatures 3 and Docking Station around the year 2008, which is when she first began creating genomes for the games using the Creatures 3 Genetics Kit. She uploaded several of her creations onto The Creatures Repository but stopped playing the games shortly after the release of Spore. She returned seven years later and officially joined the Creatures Community on the 25th of September, 2015.

During 2015 she released several breeds including two versions of the Honey Badger Norns, Thistlefern Norns, a version of the Coffee Norns and the first iteration of the True Warmblood (TWB) genome base. The new genome base included conversions of all official Norn and Ettin breeds for C3/DS and was submitted to the CCSF 2015, then later uploaded to Creatures Caves where her other breeds are hosted. She went on hiatus again in 2016, returned in 2018 and soon after released the Basilisk Norns, which boasted a full set of sprites and the first iteration of the True Coldblood (TCB) genome base intended to be the TWB's cold-blooded counterpart. Following this release the TCB genome was refined further, and a pack of Grendels using the genome was released onto Creatures Cave which included breed conversions of the Jungle and Banshee Grendels, plus an additional new breed using the Basilisk sprites called Uglee Grendels.

Not done with the TWB and TCB genome bases, Dragoler took inspiration from the Immune Norns to add further complexity and functionality to them, later submitting a second and much larger pack to the CCSF 2018. This pack included all the official C3/DS Norn, Ettin and Grendel breeds, conversions for every breed she had published previously and two new breeds; Urchin Ettins and Carna Norns. It also included a small number of supporting agents such as the Heatlamp, Waterfloog and C3 weather patch. In 2019 she submitted the Hive Norns and a third version of the TWB and TCB genomes to the CCSF 2019 which incorporated a number of brain edits including the combination lobe Duotract edit.