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Dr. Shee

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Dr. Shee (aka Doctor Shee) has been into Creatures stuff for a while (he fell in love with C1 in 1997), even if he waited about three years before beginning to produce anything. He once ruled the Dr. Shee's Laboratory, which was hosted by Albia 2000, but this website is now down. It should be back within 2006... On that site was featured a few cool stuff such as a Creatures-oriented song, or some genetically engineered species of norns. He spent a lot of time with the Creature Labs Genetics Kit for both Creatures 2 and Creatures 3 / Docking Station, always with the goal of making more realistic norns instead of super-resistant plushies. A good example of this are the Wine Norns.

He has also been a news poster for A2K during 2000-2002, a gentle frenchie troll on JRchat and a silent Creatures series addict who collects related stuff such as german boxed unofficial add-ons for C1 or a yellow boxed version of C2 Life Kit #1...

Related Downloads[edit]

Grendel Metal : this is an MP3 Rammstein cover made with grendel style. It was made poorly and quickly in the spirit of DJ Grendel! (down, formerly at gnicolas.free.fr/Mel&Gwenn/GrendelMetal.mp3)