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The Domisphere is an unofficial metaroom by Hype_Chao.

It was created as more of a "filler room" to help out with the limited space within the Docking Station playfield, and was once even planned to be part of a series of rooms.

The Domisphere contains two floors, a top floor with a door to the Meso, a few food vendors, a few bouncing balls and a bunch of short-lived bugs and a bottom floor, which is empty, that was once planned for use in extending the Domisphere, but was scrapped.

Due to the one-man-job and it being the developer's (hype_chao) first clutches at creatures Metarooming, it contains numerous bugs and errors.

  • The small purple bugs die out quickly.
  • Numerous errors with elevator, relating to its small movement range and large sprite.
  • Lack of catalogue entries.
  • Unfilling foods due to developer oversight.
  • Much more...

The room functions however, and when populated with outside agents, becomes a great space to raise norns in crowded worlds.

It was hosted at Zareb's Creations, but is now available at TreeSprite's Creatures Grove Forums.

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