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Docking Station id

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To play Docking Station online users need to register for a free Docking Station id. This id takes the form of a case-sensitive Docking Station username, and with it a Docking Station id number in the form xxxx+xx.

It is possible to add users to the in-game Docking Station contacts list by three methods:

Add Contact Page

  1. Visit the official add contact web page
  2. Submit the username of the person to add
  3. The next time you load a world the user will be added to your friends list

Profile Method

  1. Get your friend to press 'Ctrl' 'Shift' and 'b' together twice
  2. Get them to read off their DS id number, which will resemble xxxx+xx
  3. They can then press 'Ctrl' 'Shift' and 'b' together twice again to close window
  4. Next you need to visit their profile page:
    (Note in the url above the pair of numbers in the id have been reversed to short number then long)
  5. Click on Add {user} to your contact book
  6. Done!

CAOS Method

The CAOS commands should be used very carefully to avoid problems.

  1. Ask your friend for their DS id (replace xxxx+xx below with that)
  2. Open the caos command line with 'Ctrl' 'Shift' and 'c'
  3. Enter the following line into the prompt:
    rtar 1 1 157 mesg wrt+ targ 1000 "xxxx+xx" 0 0
  4. Use 'Ctrl' 'Shift' and 'c' again to close the prompt
  5. Done!