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Clicking the button under the hand (click to view a larger version) will let you choose whether to create a docked world or a DS standalone world.

The Creatures 3 space ship, the Shee Ark, can be docked to the Capillata Docking Station. Connecting both games a produces a much larger world that contains all the agents, metarooms, Norn breeds, Grendels and Ettins, and can be played online via the warp. Of course, this can only be done if you have both Docking Station and Creatures 3 installed.

Other changes will occur when docking is accomplished, among these being a constantly-full bioenergy level in the C3 part of the world.

In a docked world, injecting C3 objects will result in the object being placed at the C3 injector, even if it was injected in the comms room. DS objects can only be injected in the comms room.


If Creatures 3 has been installed prior to Docking Station:

  1. Load Docking Station and click on "Create a new world"
  2. Type in a name for your new world
  3. Click on the middle button of the three
  4. "Capillata only" changes to "Capillata docked with the Shee starship"
  5. Click on the tick to create the Docked world
  6. You will now have a fresh docked world

If Creatures 3 has been installed after Docking Station and you wish to upgrade an undocked world:

  1. Download the C3inDS metaroom
  2. Enter the undocked world
  3. Go to the Comms Room
  4. Use the Agent Injector to inject the C3inDS metaroom
  5. You will now have converted your undocked world into a docked world

Transporting creatures to the Shee Starship[edit]

Within the Docking Station Hub room there will be an umbilical transporter that will transport you and/or your Norns, Ettins or Grendels to the Shee Starship. Naturally, this only appears in docked worlds. The umbilical often confuses creatures, to fix this, install the Umbilical Fix.

The docked world transporter is shown below the center door