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Place a random, interesting fact here as a mini contribution to the CC, feel free to post any fact you can find!


  • The original Creatures used a clay model for it's background --Listeel 18:06, 30 May 2006 (UTC)

Sgeo's "Did You Know" thread on Albia2000 (C3/DS)[edit]

  • ...That the images in the Creatures Menu can be tinted the color of the norn? It was disabled by default because it was slow. To turn it on, the relevent command is setv game "creature_hud_tint" 1. Here's a snippit of the code in bootstrap
* Set game "creature_hud_tint" to 1 to turn on tinting of creature
* faces on the user interface to the same colour as the creatures are tinted.
* Turned off by default as it is *slow*!!! :o(
setv game "creature_hud_tint" 0
  • ...The agent help text for the hand itself?
"How did you get help on this then? Either you've managed to grow another hand or you're dabbling in things you know not the wont of!"
  • ...That certain agents Autorecover? What this means is that if the agent is ever destroyed, it will be re-created (unless the autorecovery agent is killed). The agents that autorecover are:
  • ...That the gender of an egg that was just laid is dependent partially on the in-game season? In Autumn, it is more likely to be male, and in Spring it is more likely to be female.
  • ...That ettins are blind to gadgets when they are near the ettin home? Strangely, the gene for this is actually in the ChiChi norn genome, but doesn't activate unless the chemical "Ettin nitrate" is found.
  • ...That on Tues, Jul 22 1997 12:00am Slink prophesied Creatures traveling the Warp from computer to computer?
    • "I was brooding over not having a bank of Pentiums to run parallel Albias when I was struck by the mental image of networked computers running Albias, with norns free to travel between the worlds at will. Kind of like computerized Habit-Trail (sp?). Sandra"