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The Desert is an area in Creatures 2 Albia. It is a dry, barren area, where only the hardiest of plants can thrive. There are also a variety of toys scattered around to keep norns entertained, including a ball and a Toy Car, as well as seed launchers to keep the cacti population restocked in the (very) rare event that they die out.

On the Western side of the desert there is a temple housing a giant bell, which was constructed by ettins according to the Creatures 2 introduction video. To the East, there is a dead tree, which may look familiar to C1 players, along with a platform that norns can reach via a lift from the incubator room.

The two Life Kits for Creatures 2 come with several COBs that will inject into the desert area, including a scorpion and Nesting Birds. The Triffid Plant can also be transplanted into the desert. Aquashee made a Desert Garden COB for those wishing to grow regular plants, such as tomatoes, instead of cacti.

Flora and Fauna[edit]

Native Plants: