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Deathcap Mushroom

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Deathcap Mushroom

The Deathcap Mushroom is the most poisonous weed in Creatures 1 and Creatures 2 Albia. The C1 Deathcap contains significant amounts of glycotoxin and other chemicals which can kill most creatures extremely quickly. It is found at the base of the Grendel Tree, conveniently for grendel torturers.

It is especially dangerous for small Norns in the child and baby life stages.

The deathcap is also a real Terran fungus.

In Creatures 1, eating it gives:

Deathcap in C2

In Creatures 2, the deathcap has a grey and yellow mottled appearance. It grows in various places around Albia, such as the Ettin Garden, the Swamp, and in the levels below the large tree next to the Bridge. It will stop fruiting if the level of organic nutrients at its location is zero. Eating it gives:

According to Lis Morris, the Ettins that came with the game were unable to properly metabolize Glycotoxin, despite the fact that they are born in an area with several Deathcaps around, making the mushrooms particularly dangerous for them.

Spirit made an "Ugly Mushroom Remover" which removes the C2 deathcaps.

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