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DawnSedai is a weird child shee, obsessed with ettins and norn breeding. Making all sorts of odd norns that are descended from colored originals, no direct gene modification. Her current idea is a very colorful tailless norn, and so far she has... a low success rate.

(Possibly totally useless) facts:

  • Is back from vacation
  • She hangs around JRChat in the evenings
  • She studies Bibble and enjoys speaking it
  • She likes to say "Nyah" alot
  • She likes Drowtales and manga
  • She's working on a Creatures webpage called Dawn's Meadow of Creatures (down, formerly at www.freewebs.com/dawnsedai/index.htm)
  • Loves cookies
  • Is a wiki user
  • Loves to auction off body parts, particularly Wolfnorn's.