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Danikat's avatar

Danikat is a long-time Creatures player. She started out with Creatures 1 in 1996 and followed the game through Creatures 2 and Creatures 3 right up to the present day.

However she remained separated from (and oblivious to) the Community surrounding it until Docking Station was released and she first ventured into the forums.

Because she is not the most technically proficient person, Danikat has never learnt to make breeds or agents (she has never even owned a genetics kit!) and instead has chosen to specialise in breeding norns, grendels and ettins. Her greatest (only?) achievement in this area is the creation of a Creatures IQ test for Docking Station which allows users to selectively breed Creatures who are capable of taking care of themselves. Danikat eventually created the Snowscape agent in December 2007.

Since her first day Danikat has been consistently active in the CC, and can be found almost every day on the forums at the offical Gameware site, Albia 2000 and TreeSprite's Creatures Grove. She has recently been made a moderator at A2K and has created an RP character: Danikat (RP) who can usually be found - along with a collection of minions - in the official forums and Treesprite's Grove. She has a site which contains information about herself, Creatures and other random stuff.