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Daniel Silverstone

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Daniel Silverstone (aka Kinnison) worked on tools development for Cyberlife and Creature Labs during the development of Creatures 3, leaving on 28 April 2000. Before this he was the webmaster of Kinnison's Creatures Pages and ringmaster of The Original Creatures Webring. He also developed the Creatures Editor and New Breed Installer as Head of Software and General Research for the NORN Collective.

Daniel later worked at MIPS, and is now employed at Canonical, an open-source support and development service. Their main product is Ubuntu Linux. He has also contributed to the Aranha web-app development platform, and works part-time for Pepperfish, a small hosting company set up by himself and others in 2001.

Did you know? Daniel got his nickname from a character called "Kimball Kinnison" in the Lensman science fiction series.

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