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Dancin' Alien

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Dancin' Alien

aka The Infamous Supafly VooDoo Badcat Dancin' Alien COB v1.0

Basically, this is just an Alien (a la the Alien films) that runs around Albia, struttin' his stuff. If you or your norns push The Infamous Dancin' Alien, he begins to get down and get seriously funky, dancin' up a storm to some groovy tunes.

The Dancin' Alien can be picked up and carried by you or your norns, and while dancing makes norns less lonely, lower their Need For Pleasure and their boredom and anger, and gives 'em an adrenaline boost (all that groovin' makes ya wanna get up & get down....).

If they stick around for the whole dance, they get a boost in sex drive (All that groovin'), a reduction in anger and loneliness (the world just seems more right after a good groove), and a more open mind (ConASH).

When picked up, the Supafly Alien reduces loneliness, and give a little bit of adrenaline (Although he's funky, he's still a big, scary alien), and a good amount of comfort ("Hey man, I may be an alien, and you may be some funky little magwai dude, but we all friends.").

Yet alas, the Alien Dancin' Brigade must always move on, and rarely stays for a second dance. But rest assured, he shall return....

The Alien uses the C1 class numbers:

  • 2 10 203

It was made by Ramses 5000 and is available through TazzMann's CREATUREs Universe.