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Dairy Drinks (Ira)

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Creatures 2 COBs
Ira's Dairy Drinks

Ira's Dairy Drinks

Creator Ira
Download links Kiwi Yoghurt Sour Cream Warm Milk
Download mirror Creatures Caves

Ira made three standalone dairy drink COBs for Creatures 2:

  • Kiwi Yoghurt: Tasty Yorkshire drinking yogurt with fresh sliced kiwi.
  • Sour Cream: 20% fat, 55% fresh milk, 25% whipped cream, and "a little" sugar. Not recommended for creatures on a diet.
  • Warm Milk: Milk in a baby bottle that has been warmed to a comfortable temperature. Kai Norn's interaction with this COB is unknown.

Ira's dairy drinks were previously hosted on Iggdrasil.

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