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DXWnd on Windows 10 with a Creatures 2 launcher

DXWnd is a tool that lets you run old games on modern versions of Windows, for example: It can completely fix the lag and redraw issues of Creatures 2.

How it works[edit]

DXWnd re-implements certain lower-level APIs the applications use for drawing images on the screen. Creatures 2 for example used DirectDraw, a long-since deprecated 2D API that has a totally broken implementation in Windows 8 and higher.

Where to get it[edit]

You can download it from the DXWnd Sourceforge project page

Creatures 2 configuration[edit]

These are the minimum required settings you need to configure on Windows 10:

Main tab[edit]

  • Name: Creatures 2
  • Path: C:\GOG Games\Creatures 2\creatures2.exe
  • Launch: C:\GOG Games\Creatures 2\launcher.exe

Video tab[edit]

  • Initial virtual color setting: 16 BPP

DirectX tab[edit]

  • DirectX Version Hook: DirectX7
  • Emulation renderer: Hybrid

Libs tab[edit]

  • GDI: Share ddraw and GDI DC

Please note that the settings for Windows 7 have been reported to be entirely different.