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DS Server

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The Docking Station server connected each of the online DS and C3/DS docked worlds together so norns could travel all over the world and players could chat and mail their friends. Creature Labs used Tweedledum and Tweedledee for this task. After Gameware bought Creature Labs they decided to continue to run a Docking Station server for the Creatures community and chose Mjollnir for the job. Currently, the servers are no longer active.

The protocol the server uses is has yet to be completely reverse engineered. Work on this was begun by Vadim, but stalled due to lack of interest once the official server was restored. New work is being done under the heading of Albian Warp.

A world must be registered on this server before it can connect to it (if the user tries to connect without having first registered the world, the world will not connect, and all the creatures in the world will say, "ooh! you bypassed the initial login!").

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