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DOOR is a CAOS command that sets or returns the permeability of a door, mostly used when creating metarooms.



Syntax: DOOR Room_ID1(integer) Room_ID2(integer) permeability(integer)

The door between rooms 1 and 2 will be set to the permeability value.


Syntax: DOOR Room_ID1(integer) Room_ID2(integer)

Returns an integer, the permeability of the room between the two doors.


This command is primarily used when creating metarooms to set the permeability values between all adjoining rooms. It could also be used for a closable door, for example, to prevent cellular automata from coming through the door when it is closed.

...something triggers the door closing...
door X Y 0
...something triggers the door opening...
door X Y 100

Note that this may cause a glitch where CAs stop transferring properly, though CALC can be used to fix it.