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DATE is a CAOS function that returns the current day of the season. Not to be confused with DAYT, which returns the current day of the real-world month.


Syntax: DATE

Returns an integer between 0 and (length of seasons in days)-1. This will usually be between 0 and 3, as the default length of seasons is 4, unless the GAME variable engine_LengthOfSeasonInDays has been changed.


The Myrna Bush from the Desert Ruins uses DATE to start blooming and producing fruit in the second half of autumn, and continuing into early spring, without blooming for the whole of either fall or spring:

doif sean eq 2
	doif date eq 2 or date eq 3
		gsub flower
elif sean eq 3
	gsub flower
elif sean eq 0 and date eq 0
	gsub flower

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