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Cupid Heart Ettin

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Sleeping Cupid Heart Ettin

CupidHeartEttins .png

The Cupid Heart Ettin is a Valentine-themed Ettin breed for Creatures 2 by Norngirl.

The Cupid Heart Ettins live shorter lives than standard Ettins. To compensate, they are extremely good breeders. They have the unique ability to heal a fellow Cupid Heart Ettin from the Star Disease. They have pink and white silky fur, light pink hair, dark cyan eyes, pink cheeks, and a heart-shaped forehead mark. They also have fur tufts that look like little wings sticking out, as well heart-shaped tails and a a heart-shaped behind. Their feet claws are red. The only difference in appearance between males and females is the shape of their body.

They take Ettin slot G and are obtainable at Norngirl's Creatures site, Norngirl's temporary Storage place, like most of her breeds.