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Cruthiar is the name of the 3D world that serves as the setting for Project Loci. It was populated by the Shee after they left Albia, but they soon abandoned Cruthiar as well. Though most Norns left with them, a few survived in the wild, and a very small number of domestic eggs remained inside an abandoned stasis nursery. As time passed, the planet's Shee-designed systems were failing, including the stasis nursery, thus making the eggs hatch. For many ages, Loci, the bio-mechanical creature (similar to the C3/DS Gaia) that once controlled everything in Cruthiar, was quiet. But now, with his brain full of hatred and pain for being left alone, Loci starts to regain strength and has an evil plan for Cruthiar...

It is not to be confused with Sphericus, the three dimensional world discussed in the Docking Station Story.

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