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Cruthiar is the name of a 3D world that served as the setting for the prospective games Project Loci and Creatures Evolution. It is not to be confused with Sphericus, the three dimensional world discussed in the Docking Station Story.

Creatures Evolution[edit]

In Creatures Evolution, the Shee populated Cruthiar after they left Albia, constructing dome environments and populating the planet with their genetic experiments. Unable to decide what to create and how to create it, the Shee left Cruthiar as well, leaving their works behind.

Project Loci[edit]

In Project Loci, Cruthiar is likewise populated and abandoned by the Shee, leaving behind dome structures and Norns. Though most Norns left with them, a few survived in the wild, and a very small number of domestic eggs remained inside an abandoned stasis nursery. Project Loci's dome environments are a single living bio-mechanical organism: the titular Loci is the organism's brain, housed in the uppermost dome. Loci has been quiet for ages, his brain active only at a very low level. Awakened, he begins to bring certain systems online, slowly regaining his strength- and hatching an evil plan to destroy himself and all the other life forms on the planet forever.

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