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Crino Stories

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The Crino Stories (also known as the Crino Chronicles) are a group of stories by KC11, available at KC11's Norn Site. They are based around a gargoyle norn by the name of Crino. He works at a norn nursery, taking care of orphaned norns, but the stories mostly revolve around him talking to the world's GAIA or fixing a problem made by the Inept Hand, the hand of the world.


Crino: Main Character. Janitor/Mechanic of the world, but is lazy and often talks with the world's GAIA. He was born to the grendel mother (a real glitch that the gargoyle norns used to have).

GAIA: Just like the Gaia created by Lis Morris, but she is used to eat experiments that have gone wrong. She is a good friend to Crino and constantly wonders why there is no male GAIA.

Inept Hand: The hand of the world. The only thing he can do right is take care of norns. Which is really all he needs to do... but he always feels like doing something else, like messing with an agent or creating a new norn breed.

Astranova: One of the orphans at the norn nursery. Was laid by the ettin mother. Is an adolescent and has a crush on Crino.

The white ettins: Sometimes called the "Creepy ettins". These ettins are a glowing white and are born with freaky smiles on their faces, but if hit continuously, their mouths will drop. They act very much like grendels, or like vicious norns, where they hit a norn to death.