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Creebies is a Symbian-based 3D mobile game by Gameware for Series 60 Nokia phones. It has been described as Tamagotchi-like, drawing inspiration from Neopets, Animal Crossing and Creatures. The game uses mesh-morphing and a version of "Digital DNA" which allows new Creebies ot be "spawned" which are a mixture of both parents. Because of the mesh-morphing technology, a virtually unlimited variety of Creebies can be created.

It takes place on a group of islands, and there are four species of Creebies, the Drasticus, the Ambius, the Sharpus and the Normalus. There is a virtual currency called the "Spondooli", which can be earned by playing mini-games.

Creebies are autonomous and can learn and establish relationships with the player and other Creebies based upon how they are treated and their own personality leanings. Their personalities can change over time as well. Toys, games, and accessory items can help the player to encourage Creebies to adapt.

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