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There's always plenty to do at the Creatures Wiki!


Temporary To-Do Suggestions[edit]

This is sort of a global to-do list. Add things that you think would be a good idea but which you don't know enough to do/don't want to do right now, and if you finish something on it, take it off please.


Base Game Information[edit]


COBS & Agents[edit]




  • Add a suggestion to this page, or remove a task if it's been completed!
  • Update a creature breed page to use the table format sampled on the Bengal Norn page.
  • Update a website page to use the table format sampled on the Creatures Jungle page.
  • Add mirror links to downloads and sites: you can try Eem Foo's Archive or the Wayback Machine for most sites or downloads, or Creatures Caves for uploaded content.